2 December 2022
UVA Rotunda
Charlottesville, VA

Climate change is the challenge of our lifetimes.  According to climate scientists, we will have to reduce net global greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050, if not before, to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.  To achieve such decarbonization will require substantial innovation across virtually every sector of the global economy: transportation, energy, buildings, industrials, agriculture, and the numerous downstream industries these sectors support.  

This December, 25 delegates — leaders from business, government, universities, and non-profits — will convene at the University of Virginia’s historic Rotunda to discuss strategies for decarbonizing the global economy. Through a facilitated dialogue and workshop, the delegates will identify obstacles to decarbonization and ideate and develop solutions. These insights will then be used to develop a decarbonization playbook to inspire and inform action.